Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tutu Bow Holder for the Princess

We were shopping recently, and my granddaughter (aka the Princess) saw a tutu bow holder that she really wanted.  The price tag made me frown, so I told my daughter I wanted to make her one if she would help me.

My daughter had a form, some fabric, and tulle that we could use for this project.  We only had to buy some ribbon at Hobby Lobby and we were ready to transform this:

We hot glued the fabric on and added some elastic banding to assemble the tutu.  We spray painted the hanger and re-attached it to the form.  Finally we added a pink flower (the princess' favorite color) and called it a job well done.  We are so proud of our teamwork!!


Kara said...

how cute!! What an awesome grandma you are!! I'm sure your grand daughter loved it. So nice to be able to take creative vision and diy it for a fraction of the cost!!

And thanks for the sweet comment a few weeks back on my blog and my baby girl. I so appreciate it!!!