Monday, April 27, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

I received a small package in the mail last week. I didn’t remember ordering anything, so I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Upon opening it found this little beauty:

I won this freshwater pearl bracelet from here. I don’t know what was more exciting—finding out I had won or receiving my prize. This is the second time I have won something from a blog and winning is delightful!

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE blogging?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Brodie!

We had a birthday celebration for our grandson, Brodie Clifton Hagle who turned 2 this weekend. He is such a sweet, loving, comical little guy who gets his middle name from his great grandpa, Dane Clifton. He has big blue eyes that say much more than his words do sometimes.

He loves his boots and jeans. (Lately he has taken to wearing some red rubber boots.) He loves wearing sunglasses. He likes to play with cars and tractors and enjoys playing his guitar. He loves music and either bobs his head or starts dancing. He likes to chew gum and eat candy. He is acquiring his bad habits at a young age, ‘cause his favorite drink is coke!

He’s a daddy’s boy, but when daddy is not around, he loves his mommy. He adores his big sister and wants to do everything she does. He loves his cousins, Dane and Hunter and thinks his Poppa is kinda cool too. Lately he wants to ride in Hunny’s car nearly every time I see him. He is becoming an independent and headstrong little guy, and it has been so much fun to watch him evolve from a baby into a toddler.

Happy 2nd Birthday Brodie! I love you to the moon & back!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crafty Again: Making an Easter Wreath

I found instructions for making an Easter wreath out of plastic eggs here. I decided it looked like something that even I could do and other than the bow it was a simple project. I absolutely love the colors and the way it looks hanging on the door!

Happy Easter Y'all! ;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Little Craftyness Goin' On Around Here

I inherited a big bunch of buttons from my parents when we cleaned out their house. They are usually stored in a big mason jar and a tin container. Every now and then, Brie, Poppa, and I will get them out and play with them. There are all kinds of buttons in the collection, and we enjoy sorting them and finding unique ones that capture our attention.

I wanted to do something special with some of them but have been waiting on some inspiration on a neat way to display some of these special buttons. I finally came up with an idea when I saw a cross with buttons on it. I had one wooden cross that Freddie made for me several years ago, and he made another cross for Brie. We painted them black and began transforming the crosses into this really cool creations.

We both arranged our buttons on there just so, and I hot glued them to our wooden crosses. I have to admit the end result was just what I was hoping for. Now we just need to find a good place to display them.

(The one on top is mine, and the one on the bottom is Brie's)

I even picked up some gems at Michaels and hot glued them to another cross that Freddie made me. This one involved no special placement and was finished in less than half an hour.