Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Dane!

Well it's another celebration for our family. Dane Andrew is now 3 years old. He is named for his great-grandfather, Dane Clifton. I only wished that he would have gotten to meet his namesake, because Pawpaw Dane would have loved him as much as he loved Brie. He is very special to us, because he is our first born grandson. Spending time with him and watching him grow has brought so much joy to our lives.

Dane is a unique and imaginative little guy with boundless energy. He has bright blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room. He definitely has a mind of his own and inherited a stubborn streak (from his mom or his dad, I will not venture to say-ha)! He is smart and surprised us this weekend by counting to 10 in spanish. He picked that up by watching "Dora the Explorer" on television. Needless to say we were impressed!

Dane loves trains (especially Thomas A Train as he calls it), tractors, and planes. He loves chewing gum and cake with frosting. He loves being outdoors and likes hanging out with his Pops (Ryan's dad). He loves going outside to see the moon and the stars and airplanes and helicopters in the sky. He loves watching 101 Dalmations and Jay-Jay the Jet Plane and playing basketball. He loves playing his guitar like his daddy. And he absolutely adores his little brother, Hunt.

Right now, he is going through a repeating stage. Whatever you say he will say too! It's kind of comical. One of our conversations went like this. I told him you are a silly little boy and he told me you are a silly little boy. I said I'm not a little boy and he told me I'm not a little boy. I told him I love you and he said I love you. I said, "No, I love you more" and he said, "I love you more". I told him "I love you more 'cause I'm bigger", and he told me "I love you more 'cause I'm bigger". And that's where our deep conversation ended!

Happy Birthday, Dane Andrew. We love you to the moon and back!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Brie!

Today is our granddaughter’s 5th birthday. She is our first grandchild and our only granddaughter. She lived with us for about the first year and a half of her life, so we have a very close bond with her. She usually spends at least one night a week with us and is the most loving little girl.

She is the light of her Poppa’s life. He has a soft spot for her that I have never before seen in him. I love him just that much more for the way that he is with her. She is his little sidekick and likes helping him with his projects

She has the vocabulary of a 10-year old and an attitude of a teenager already. She is smart, witty, bashful, and imaginative. She loves spaghetti, Capri Sun, and chocolate cake. She loves Polly Pockets (thanks to her Poppa), and the color pink. She loves to dance, color, and play dress-up.

Happy Birthday, Brie! We love you to the moon and back!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shopping Trip

My hubby and I spent the day together on Saturday shopping. Yes, I know I said hubby and shopping in one sentence, and lightening didn't strike!!! We even had a good day together.

The main item on my list was a new watch. And we have also been talking about getting a new bed for awhile. I had kind of hoped I would find one at an estate sale, but haven't had any luck so far. Well I'm glad that we waited, 'cause we found something we liked alot at a great price.

We ordered a queen sized bed and matching night stand. It's perfect as I had wanted to go with a rustic look!!

I am so excited and can hardly wait to go pick it up. Now I have to get some touch up painting done in that room and order some new bedding. We also have to hang up some wooden trim, and my hubby is supposed to build a bench to put at the end of the bed. Oh good golly gosh, this is fun, fun, fun...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook #1

FOR TODAY Oct. 14, 2008

Outside My a cloudy, damp day.

I am thinking...I'm getting hungry; it must be lunchtime!

I am thankful for...the wonderful rain!!

From the kitchen...cabbage soup (in the crockpot).

I am print top, black capris, and my comfy black slip-ons.

I am creating...working on pictures to do some scrapbooking!

I am spend a nice evening at home with my husband.

I am reading...Where the Broken Heart Still Beats by C. Meyer (a fiction book based on Cynthia Ann Parker who was abducted by Indians as a young girl).

I am hoping...that I get caught up on my housework this week.

I am hearing...quiet and enjoying it.

Around the house...there are hints of Fall and Halloween!

One of my favorite this Fall weather.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...working, housework, reading, watching "Made of Honor", and going to a kids' consignment sale.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...(some bargains I picked up this weekend)

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