Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Time No Post...

Wow, time has gotten away from me. I cannot believe I have not posted anything since February.

We took Dane & Hunter to see the World of Wheels. Last year we took Brie & Brodie, and the boys loved looking at the pictures and said they wanted to go. We had a great time looking at all the cars, and they loved having their pictures made by all the different cars!

Freddie had hand surgery in February to remove several cysts and a bone spur. I was blessed to have Danita and my two good friends, Chylene & Kay there. The last time he had surgery, he had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia so I was a little concerned, but the Lord is good and he did fine for the surgery. It has been the recovery that has been long and difficult. He finally began therapy to regain his strength and help with some swelling which seems to be helping.