Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vacation 2011 (Part I)

To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, we went on a Carribean cruise and had a total blast. It was so relaxing and totally amazing. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to see some beautiful places with my wonderful husband.

Danita, Josh, Brie & Brodie took us to DFW, so we could fly to Miami. We were so excited that we got all of our stuff packed in carry-on bags.
From Miami, we flew to Puerto Rico the the Carnival Victory. It was a beautiful ship and was great not having to make up the bed, cook, wash dishes, or do anything we didn't want--we were definitely spoiled for the week!!

We didn't get to spend much time in Puerto Rico, but we did do a little exploring near the port. San Juan is quite a lovely city.

First stop was St. Thomas Virgin Island. It was a beautiful island and we felt like we were in Paradise. We went to Magen's Bay Beach and on a shopping excursion downtown. The beach was beautiful with crystal clear water.

The next stop was Barbados. It was a cloudy and pleasant day (sure beat the 100_ degree weather back home in Texas). We went on a coast to coast tour and stopped at Bathsheba which was beautiful with it's giant rocks and strong tides (definitely not for swimming).