Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vacation 2011 (Part II)

Our next stop was St. Kitts where we toured the capital city of Bassetere and the beautiful Romney Manor Gardens.  (This estate was originally owned by Thomas Jefferson's great grandfather.)

We also stopped at Brimstone Hill Fortress which is perched on a 40 acre hilltop.  It rained while we were here, so it got quite humid.  The fort was so amazing and well preserved. 

We also stopped at a scenic point which was beautiful.

The final stop was St. Maarten where we went to a butterfly farm.  It was a contained area where they are raising and protecting butterflies.  They were absolutely stunning.

Then it was back to San Juan and a very long day to fly back to Miami and on to DFW.  We were surprised to be picked up by our daughter & son.  It was a wonderful and amazing experience, but as always it was good to be home.