Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It Hurts to Laugh...

You know how when it hurts to laugh, everything seems funny. Well anytime I am around Danita & the kids, there's something funny happening. Monday, I had my gall bladder removed (yay--no more gall bladder attacks). Other than having to move slower than usual and some soreness, it hasn't been too bad.

Well we decided to venture to the grocery store to get some necessities. Brie and I were playing this game that we used to play with my kids when they were young. It's called "The Witch is on a Diet' and you go thru the alphabet naming foods that she can eat. Brie hasn't caught on to the concept of going thru the ABC's in order, so we just name any kind of food.

It was Brie's turn, and she said "The witch is on a diet and she can only eat Dublins." I had to work so hard not to laugh, because she meant dumplings. Dublin is where my other kids live--silly girl.

Then we were getting ready to eat, and she insisted on saying the prayer. She said it and then concluded with "A.M." instead of amen. I couldn't help but laugh and it hurts...

No more funny sayings for today, Brie! My tummy cannot take it!