Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, the hubby and I went on a road trip to visit our friends, the Burba’s, that live about 3 hours away. Chylene and I have been good friends since Jr. High (which yes that was a long time ago)!! When we started having our children, we really became close and went through the ups and downs of raising babies together.

Chylene has the biggest heart and would do anything for those she loves. She has a knack for spoiling children, and she did an excellent job of doing that to my kids. Some of my kid’s favorite memories involve their annual Christmas cookie baking. She would let all of them make cutout cookes & decorate them. Her kitchen always looked like a disaster when they finished, but they were sure proud of their creations.

Her two boys have a very special place in my heart too--I love them just as if they were my own kids!! Since they moved away several years ago, we don’t get to see each other as much. But our friendship is still such a blessing. We are still always there for each other and communicate through phone calls and email. And whenever we do get together, we always pick up where we last left off. I am so grateful for my lifetime friend with whom I share many wonderful memories!

Anyway back to our trip. We got to do some visiting and a little shopping. We also did a lot of eating—Chylene is the best cook. And that girl knows how to cook on a large scale; there is always lots of delicious food. We had everything from chicken & dumplings to bacon wrapped cabbage. This trip definitely put a kink in my weight loss efforts!!

Not only is she a gifted cook, but she also always has the most beautiful yard. She definitely has a green thumb (which she has passed on to the oldest son). Her porch was so festive in a fall theme. It was a Kodak moment as you will see below. I even got to bring a beautiful plant home to spruce up my front porch. Good friends, great blessings!!